Friday, September 03, 2010

Acts 13:13-25

Today's reading is yet another example of how Paul had committed his life to Christ completely. This includes giving God control over his life. Perhaps you could say that Paul’s conversion on the road to Damascus was certainly a life altering event to cause someone to give up control of his life. But will it really take something like that for each of us to give up control of our lives to God?

I had surgery yesterday – nothing life threatening but major surgery. What a way to learn that you don’t have control. Even through all the pre operation prep, the constant questions, instructions from nurses and doctors, the anesthesia and coming to, I still fought it. I was not about to give up control of my body. Of course, the joke was on me the whole time because I truly had no control. I fought it by trying to tell myself I was fine, this is no problem, cake walk, I’ll be fine in the morning.

What I could have done was enter into grace, allowing God to take over and trusting in Him instead of taking some gasping measure to try to hang onto control I never had to begin with. Just like Paul and the apostles did as they spread the word of God and all the time knowing that they would likely lose their lives in horrible ways, and yet continuing on because they had given control of their lives over to God.

I’m not saying abdicate responsibility. It is my responsibility to follow the doctor’s instructions. But to give control over the situation, I allow God’s grace to spread over me like a warm blanket and I don’t have to worry about the outcome.

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