Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday, 02/24/12

Psalms: 95, 31, 35
Old Testament: Eze 18:1-4, 25-32
New Testament: Phil 4:1-9
Gospel: John 17:9-19

When I think of the book of Psalms, I think of praise, worship, and prayers for deliverance. When David wrote the Psalms, he wrote so many of them in praise and thanksgiving for answered prayers that had been lifted up to God. The Psalms for today are 3 different ones, yet all of them follow along with David's continuing praise to the Lord and his thanksgiving for protection from his enemies.

Isn't it amazing how we have enemies when as Christians we are to love our neighbors as ourselves? We are to go about the Lord's work in His name and to be kind to all, yet Satan would like nothing more than to see that believers in the Lord have enemies and experience adversity. That's why the Psalms are special to me. On days when nothing seems to be going right, I let my thoughts go to words from the Psalms, words that provide a respite to my angst or my frustration. Once the words from a Psalm permeate into my thoughts, there is a calm that settles into my spirit, and I am able to see that the day's struggles are just temporary. I can find refuge in knowing that the spirit of the Lord dwells within me, and there isn't anything too big for Him.

Hope, refuge, strength, trust, and courage are all words that we can take from the Psalms. I encourage you to read one of today's Psalms… you'll be blessed by the words that David so eloquently wrote in his praises to God, often while he was tending his flock. Memorize passages from the Psalms, and let those words guide you through difficult times. Chances are you know more passages in the book of Psalms than you realize, as many wonderful worship songs come from the book of Psalms. Can you think of one that is special to you? Sing the ones you know, and you'll be amazed at the lift your spirit will have throughout the day.


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