Friday, March 09, 2012

Friday, 03/09/12

Gospel: Mark 4:35-41
Old Testament: Genesis 43:1-15
New Testament: 1 Corinthians 7:1-9
Psalms: 69, 73

Looking back on my life, there was a lot of “I.” I can do this or I can accomplish that.  There is a lot that I can do, but I never really stopped to consider how much more God could do.

Like the apostles in Mark 4:35-41, trust is difficult for me.  I have relied on myself and on my experiences so much that letting anyone else help me is hard, especially someone I have never seen.  In the storm, the apostles were afraid.  They doubted, and I understand that doubt.  I guess the intangible is difficult for a lot of us; but for someone as self-reliant as me, it was insurmountable.  Yet, when I needed him the most, God was there.  Where I was incapable, He succeeded.  Where I was unsure, He showed me the path.  It was hard to let go; but when I did, God calmed the storms in my life and put things in order.  It was amazing.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t until I beat my head against the wall and still failed that I took a step back and began to pray.  I handed my mountain to God, and I talked to Him about it.  I worked on the things I could work on, but I left my mountain to Him.  Now, four years later, my mountain is a hill that can be crossed with little trouble.  My life is in no way perfect, or easy; but with God’s help, it is manageable.  I found that I cannot do it on my own.

Dear Lord, please help us to remember that, with your help, all things are possible.


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