Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday, 03/16/12

Gospel: Mark 6:47-56
Old Testament: Genesis 47:1-26
New Testament: 1 Corinthians 9:16-27
Psalms: 88, 91, 92
Beneath my oddly outgoing, obnoxious exterior beats the heart of a math nerd.  I recently confused November for February because both are 2 months away from the turn of the New Year.  Everyone does that… right?

This past December a group of teens and adults went to a park in DC to deliver lunches and hygienic kits to homeless people.  Twenty-one of us served forty people, all in about two hours.  One group talked to a man for almost half an hour, just sharing in his life.

My group saw a man who was walking around and yelling at no one in particular.  He seemed downright crazy, and no one wanted to go up and offer him a lunch.  Later, we saw the same man sitting on a bench, and we finally got up the nerve to offer him a meal.  We talked to him for twenty minutes, and we found out he worked as a poet and comedian.  By doing that in the colder months, he gets coffee and hot chocolate for others in the park.  His yelling was actually him putting on his show, and one of the teens even asked for some of the poems that he had written.

In a week’s time, I have 168 hours to spend. By spending only 2 of those hours, I was changed, and I served God.  That wasn’t very much of my time, just 1.2% of my day.

A few years ago, the St. Matthew’s Youth Group made a Lenten commitment to do one act of kindness a day.  Some gave cookies to others on the school bus.  Some complimented a hurting friend, or an outcast.  Each person who did this spent about 10 minutes a day and came away feeling differently about themselves, their classmates, and the great work God can do through each of us. The cost to them?  Only about .7% of their day.

How will you spend .7% of your day for God?


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