Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thursday, 03/15/12

Gospel: Mark 6:30-46
Old Testament: Genesis 46:1-7, 28-34
New Testament: 1 Corinthians 9:1-15
There is nothing I take more pleasure in than seeing my knowledge passed down to a younger generation.  Granted I am only a senior in high school, but three years ago, when I had the chance to coach my brother’s flag football team, I had the opportunity to spread my passion for football, a game I had come to love at a very young age.   This was something I was excited to share. 

I was coaching 4th and 5th grade boys who were eager to play the game of football.  It was my first time coaching anything, but I knew that if there was anything I could teach, it was football.  I still remember the faces of all the kids, but one in particular made a huge impact on me.  His name was Ian.  He was one of our last draft picks, one of the shortest kids in the league, and had never played football in his life.  However, his enthusiasm for learning was contagious.  Every time I coached him up in practice, I could see that he was absorbing my every word and trying to become a better player; and every week he got better and better!  At first, the other teams only saw his size and underestimated his ability.  Well, he went on to become our best player and the face of the team.

That year we went 10-2, falling short of winning the championship, giving up the game-winning touchdown in the final minute of the game.  I was heartbroken, shocked that a team this special wasn’t going to win the championship.  I wanted it badly, not just for myself, but for my players as well.  Seeing the tears in their eyes, I could tell that they cared just as much as I did.  After the game, we shared a special moment:   my players signed one of our jerseys and gave it to me.  As I held the jersey in front of all the parents and players, a few tears came out.  A simple jersey with 7 names on it wouldn’t seem too special to most people, but to me, it meant the world.  It showed me that I had really made an impact on all of their lives.  Unlike Jesus in today’s reading in Mark 6, I didn’t feed 5,000, but I did touch the lives of 7 wonderful boys, and that’s something I’ll hold onto forever. 


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