Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tuesday, 03/13/12

Old Testament: Genesis 45:1-15
New Testament: 1 Corinthians 7:32-40
Gospel: Mark 6:1-13
“And he kissed all his brothers and wept over them.  Afterward his brothers talked with him.”  Genesis 45:15
Joseph’s brothers believed that Joseph was dead for many years.  They also lived with the guilt of thinking they were responsible for Joseph’s death and the shame of what they had done.  But Joseph totally forgives them, and they all rejoice in the reunion.

I can only begin to imagine how I would feel if a cherished, loved one, whom I believed to be dead for many years, was discovered to be alive.  After years of feeling the pain and emptiness of death, I’m not sure I would believe it at first.  After the disbelief, I would probably be in shock and feel indescribable joy and love.  A heart so full it might explode with joy.

If someone I cared about deeply were to come back into my life, my feelings would be intense and overpowering.  And if I’m capable of such love, how much more does God rejoice when one of his loved
ones comes back to him.

Reading these verses made me think about the hugeness of God’s love and forgiveness.  When a single person comes back to Him, God joyfully rejoices for that reunion.  Sometimes I forget that God sees and loves us as the unique individuals he created us to be. 

We aren’t just one of millions; God sees each one of us as special and beloved.  I need to remember this to help me think of people as individuals.  I need to think of each person whether I’m providing food for LINK and Backpacks or praying for people on the prayer list.  Whether I actually know the person or not, thinking of people as individuals helps create a connection that involves my heart, not just my mind, my actions, and my money.  And it’s through these connections that God changes my heart. 


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