Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wednesday, 03/28/12

Gospel: Mark 10:1-16
Old Testament: Exod 7:8-24
New Testament: 2 Cor 2:14-3:6
Psalms: 119:145-176, 128, 129, 130
 Rebecca, my Granddaughter, is 12 years old. She is also full of wisdom, and she teaches me every day (if I stop and listen).  Recently, she offered me the following pearl of wisdom, “If you talk, you repeat what you already know; if you listen, you learn;” (source: Big Bowl fortune cookie).  What possible connection is there between this fortune cookie and today’s lectionary themes Pharaoh saying no to Moses and Aaron, divorce, and Jesus welcoming the little children?  Try this.

In my many years, there have been way too many occasions where I have allowed myself to get worked up, angry, frustrated, etc., because I flew to judgment on a person, behavior, or situation I didn’t like.  Why? Because I started talking to justify my feelings and the logic behind my righteousness, and I didn’t listen.  Too often, I simply did not under stand and appreciate the reason for the conflict or for what I was witnessing.  I may have listened with my ears, but not with my heart.

Pharaoh hardened his heart against Moses.  Divorce often results when families harden their hearts and stop listening to each other.  Rebecca and others have taught me that conflict resolution can only be achieved through listening with an open and sensitive heart, with love and acceptance.

Now for the best part:  today, Mark paints a gorgeous picture of Jesus opening his ears, heart, and arms to the little children against the objections of his disciples. “Let the little children come unto me…theirs is the Kingdom of God.”  Once again, Jesus shows us a heart full of love, understanding, and compassion.

Lord, thank you for this wonderful Wednesday.  Please help me to
open my heart to those I meet today so that I may listen and truly understand where they are and what they need.  Oh yes, also thanks for Rebecca and Big Bowl fortune cookies.  Amen.


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