Thursday, April 05, 2012

Thursday, 04/05/12

Gospel: Mark 14:12-25
Old Testament: Lam 2:10-18
Psalms: 102,142, 143
New Testament: 1 Cor 10:14-17, 11:27-32
Whenever I read this passage from Mark’s gospel, I am always struck by the conversation between Jesus and his disciples when Jesus suggests that he will be betrayed and “ by one they say to Jesus ‘surely, you don’t mean me?’” 

“Surely you don’t mean me…” They each seem to take a moment to reflect on their lives and on their actions, assessing if they have betrayed Jesus.  Since the passage says, “…one by one they asked…,” I assume Judas asked the question, too.  Did he think his actions were honorable?  Did he know that he was betraying Jesus?  Or did he NOT realize what his actions would do until after Jesus was arrested?

On a personal note, this questioning makes me look at my own life, at my own actions.  Is it possible that I may have betrayed Jesus?  Are some of my well-intended actions, in reality, betrayals?  There are certainly times when I’ve hurt the feeling of another simply by not thinking through something before I’ve said it.  Maybe there are times I have not been true to my faith or true to Jesus simply because I’ve acted on a momentary impulse and not really thought through how my actions could be perceived?  Am I motivated by something other than faith?  Sometimes.  I just hope and pray that those times do not bring about actions that are contrary to the Gospel and ultimately betray Jesus. 

I pray, wherever I am and whatever I do, that I may genuinely reflect the true faith of a Christian and that I may be a true witness for the Gospel.  Amen.


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