Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday, February 22, 2013


Old Testament: Deuteronomy 10:12-22
Morning Psalms: Psalms 40, 54
New Testament: Hebrews 4:11-16
Gospel: John 3:22-36
Evening Psalms: Psalms 51


“To this John replied, ‘A person can receive only what is given them from heaven.’” 
(John 3:27)

The holidays are the time when I think the most of family, friends, and other blessings in my life. But the past few months have been an exceptional time of reflection and thanksgiving for me. For the first time since I was 16, I found myself without a job, and it wasn’t by choice. The uncertainty of what is to come and how to provide for my family is stressful.

Today’s Gospel reading reminded me of the 2008 mission trip to Philadelphia. There I met a godly man who had a soup kitchen and clothing ministry for the homeless and needy. I’ve never forgotten what he told us. He said that God wants to give to others through you. And the more you give to others, the more God will provide to you, so that you can pass it on to those who need it. It was a gift, a wakeup call for my faith. I realized it wasn’t my job that provided for me, it was God who provided the job. I wholeheartedly trust that He will bring me to the perfect opportunity at the right time.

Gifts from the heart are blessings from heaven. I have been very blessed by the gifts of God that have come from friends and family and godly people He sends my way. May God continue to provide an abundance of blessings to you, as He has to me. Amen.


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