Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Old Testament: Deuteronomy 9:13-21
Morning Psalms: Psalms 119:49-72
New Testament: Hebrews 3:12-19
Gospel: John 2:23-3:15
Evening Psalms: Psalms 49, 53 


“This is what happens to those who live for the moment,
who only look out for themselves: Death herds
them like sheep straight to hell….”
(Psalm 49:13-15, The Message)

Yikes! Now that’s a strong message!  

Lately, I feel that a common sentiment folks have is that to make children happy, they (we) need to give them more – of everything -- more clothes, more books, more games, more, more, more of everything! Yet, words like those of Psalm 49 drive home to me that it isn’t “stuff” that our children need. They just need LOVE. (Isn’t there a song that goes something like that?) They especially need to see and learn what “love in action” looks like.

I’ve often wondered about the messages I am sending to my children by my actions. So, last year my husband and I made a small change. We rented a smaller beach house, one farther away from the beach, for our family vacation. Our young son, M2, noticed. We told him that this small change would save us money, and that we could use what we saved to help St. Matthew’s Capital Campaign and to buy groceries for Backpack Buddies. He liked that idea, especially when he later went shopping with me, personally selected cans of tuna and shelf-stable milk, and placed them into the shopping cart.  

It was a small start, but it was the best practical way I could think of to send M2 God’s message – not to only look out for ourselves, but to look out for others through acts of love. I hope to find other opportunities during my Lenten walk to show M2 how even small changes in something we do can make a big difference in the lives of others, like enabling a another child to eat, perhaps even the child that sits next to him on the school bus. Now that sounds like love to me!


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