Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday, March 10, 2013


Old Testament: Jeremiah 14:1-9, 17-22
Morning Psalms: Psalms 66, 67
New Testament: Galatians 4:21-5:1
Gospel: Mark 8:11-21
Evening Psalms: Psalms 19, 46


“We acknowledge our wickedness, LORD, and the guilt of our ancestors;
we have indeed sinned against you.
For the sake of your name do not despise us….”
(Jeremiah 14:20-21)
In my own home, I hear the voices of my two “angels” raised not in song, but in anger. I walk into their room, and it’s as if they’re trying out for the Mixed Martial Arts Jr. World Championship! The fighting is constant. I know that it’s all part of growing up, especially at their age; however I wonder how much they are influenced by the violence they see on TV or hear about on the radio.

I was struck by how relevant today’s readings are to our time. Right now, you have to be dead not to know about the horrific things happening in our country. I look around me, and I see violence rapidly becoming a normal way of life. I see us, as a nation, losing our way. We have turned from God, and our punishment is the death of innocents by sick people. I am terrified that the world is getting worse and that my children will suffer for it. I am angry, and I am fearful. My gut reaction is to withdraw from the world around me and move to the mountains to hide out in a place so remote that I can safeguard my family from the spreading of evil in the world. But, the reality is that won't change this world or me. I MUST confess my sins and sincerely repent. I MUST stop and turn back to God. I MUST take a stand and start being a Light in the darkness to those around me. Thankfully, through Jesus, God provided a means for me to repent, to live in His light, and to be free of paralyzing fear and anger -- and for that I am eternally grateful.

Thank you, Father, for sending Your son to be our salvation. Please forgive my evil ways, and help me to trust in You and to be a Light in the darkness.

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