Monday, March 16, 2015

Monday, March 16, 2015


Old Testament: Jeremiah 16:10-21
Psalms: Psalms 89:1-18
New Testament: Romans 7:1-12
Gospel: John 6:1-15
Evening Psalms: Psalms 89:19-52


Sometimes less is more -- all the way up to the point where five thousand people are fed with two fish and five barley loaves, as they were in today’s Gospel reading. And then it’s a miracle.

A lot of times less feels like less. When my daughter Katrina turned ten years old, I took her to Yosemite National Park. “Dad, I’ve always wanted to catch a fish,” she said, and so we decided to go fishing on one of the days we were there. I am a software engineer. I am not, by any stretch of the imagination, an avid outdoorsman or a fisherman. But I gave it the old college try, even consulting one of the locals about fishing spots and asking him to take us to the best spot he knew. For nearly five hours we sat on the edge of the lake catching nothing but worms, or else having the worms fall off of our hooks. Katrina was ten. She got bored. One of the people next to us caught a fish; she posed with it so I could take her picture. Then we called it day and headed back to the lodge.

However, more always feels like more. The following year, St. Matthews had a Family Fishing Day. They chartered a boat at Solomon’s island and invited parish members and friends. Father Rob is an experienced fisherman and knew the boat captain personally from previous excursions. On that day, from our boat, we caught nearly five thousand fish -- and Katrina herself caught about a thousand fish (okay – so I’m doing my best angler imitation by exaggerating a bit, but not that much).

Math cannot explain everything. A year or two later, when she was in junior high, Katrina had an assignment where she had to give an oral presentation about one of her most memorable life experiences. Parents were invited, and we were there. She sang a song about our trip to Yosemite that ended with this chorus line: “That was the best trip ever!” – and then my eyes started to water.

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